Montag, 9. April 2012

The Big Day arrives... and I'm on late shift. :-(

I always envisaged hosting a ma-husive party for the release of Division.

I saw myself drunk as a lord, toasting my family, friends and publishers with the best whiskey I could lay my hands on. However, it didn't happen that way.

With about as much colourful fanfare as a wet weekend in Whitby, The Division of the Damned, the mighty tome that cost me so many personal disappointments and such  massive emotional upheaval, squeaked timidly onto the virtual book shelves of Amazon.

A quiet email from Tim let me know that the Kindle version would be up on Saturday, paperback soon to follow.

Was I happy?

Of course, bloody overjoyed !!

However, after the initial thrill, hug with the wife and then show the kids, I packed my bag and went to late shift.


Very unsatisfying, if you must know.

Whatever, that's the only minus to the whole situation. Finally dear reader, after years of writing, rewriting, slicing and dicing, printing, begging for votes and sending my manuscript away, it's done.

The Kindle download version is on Amazon and I'm happy as a Dragoon who's been locked in an off-license all night :-)

It's on as a free download as of Wednesday 11th April, so if you want to download it, do it then.

Right, I'm outta here, Spartacus cannibal holocaust to finish, lol.

Take it easy.

Reggie ;-)

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Tee hat gesagt…

YAY!!! At long long last. Feels good don't it?
Sooo then.... when's the next one coming out?
Strolls off smiling. xxx