Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2012

2012 and the Kindle experiment.

Well firstly, I suppose I should write "Merry Christmas All" because I haven't done so already on this Blog.

Then I guess secondly I should wish you all a Happy New Year because that, too, went down the Swanee.

And then I suppose I should meander on into the fact that I'm a doddering, geriatric 45 year old now and not the youthful, spry 44 I was when I last made an entry here.

Right, now that's over, what have I to offer by way of news?


The book is still with Tim, I haven't written anything new, or old for that matter. Nothing has changed ...
     ... except that now I have a Kindle!!

I haven't actually read anything on it yet; I mean I've obviously done a couple of test runs and the like but I haven't got down to any serious reading yet because I've just started, "An Enormous Crime: The Definitive Account of American POWs Abandoned in Southeast Asia" by Bill Hendon and I have quite a way to go yet until it's finished.

However, it's truly a cool piece of kit and I CAN'T WAIT to use it properly. Does anyone know if you can swap books on them?

The down side is that my account is with Amazon Germany and they don't have any free deals :-(
Whatever, that's the highlight of my year so far. Hopefully I'll have something more to say soon, lol.

Reg: :-)

4 Kommentare:

tee hat gesagt…

Honey I think there is some text missing on your blog.
Great post though.

Craig Robert Saunders hat gesagt…

Welcome to the future!

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

Amd what do we learn from that?
Always check after you've posted, lol.

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

Cheers Craig ;-)