Mittwoch, 7. Dezember 2011

Double DOH!

... and it gets worse :-(

OK, so I send the story off and I'm thinking, "What could possibly go wrong now?" as I pat myself smugly on the back... ... ...

A lot, that's what.

The next day I received this polite but alarmigly cryptic message from the guy in charge.

"My assistant editor has read through your story and has a minor problem. The version you sent us still seems like the work in progress, has all the red and blue deletions and the like. "

Because I'm about as proficient on Word as I am at Astro-Physics, I managed to send the document off without accepting the edits.

So all the lines and boxes that appear while editing WERE STILL THERE !!!


How embarrassing is that then?

If this story is accepted, then it's one in the eye for those who claim that editors and publishers have no soul, lol.
The covering letter actually read,

Dear blah blah,

So, embarrassing, here is my third attempt at submitting my story,
"The Ides of March" for your Vampyre Anthology.

I am so disappointed in myself... :-(

As you were.

Reg :-/

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V hat gesagt…

Oh my God! Have you been doing extra-extra hours at work? This blog has gone completely nuts! What with the plus-size font? And why are you screaming all the time?

I think they have a name for the male version of of menopause in the English language too, but don't know what it is; are you going through that Reg?

: P

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

Been going through it since I was 12 V. :-)

V hat gesagt…

That sentence next to that photo of yours, is precious! LOL


R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

The "Double Doh!!" ?
LOL, that's exactly what I said when I realised what had happened ^^
"Doh! ... DOH!!!"

Mummy Chrimbo hat gesagt…

Bless ya babe.... We all make mistakes and I bet they will love it.
Have a great Christmas and New Year... Mother Tee Christmas

Grouch hat gesagt…

Bog off Jonsey LOL ....
What can I say Arsenal want their bums kicked !!!