Mittwoch, 4. Mai 2011

So, where to now?

On Sunday the 14th of October, 2007, I wrote my first entry into this Blog.

The idea to start a Blog was Richard's, of Struggling Authors.
"It'll keep your hand in with writing and it's a point for people to go to, to learn about Division until we sort out a website" were his words.

Then it was called, "The Division of the Damned" and it dealt solely with the trials and tribulations I experienced trying to sell my manuscript to an interested party.
As the months went by, it slowly morphed into an open diary, making public my feelings about certain things or events in my life that had nothing to do with, "Division".

I chronicled my first rejections, my learning the unwritten laws of manuscript submission, my first published works, my near publications that were so often dashed to the rocks and a whole menagerie of useless junk that even I, the author, don't know why it's there.

However now, things have changed.
On Monday the 2nd of May I received a message from Tim Roux, the head honcho at Night Reading:

"Well, you did it, mate. Walkover. Many congrats!

A masterly performance.

Which e-mail should I use to send you the contract for you to decide whether you
are interested or not?

And here endeth the first chapter, peeps.
My goal to attain publication, without resorting to putting my hand in my pocket, has been achieved.
The years of trial, disappointment and sheer bloody mindedness have actually paid off and at the moment, it's actually nice being Reggie Jones for a change.

The publication of "Division" also now gifts me a sense of closure on something that has become one of the book marks to my life.
Not only have I the chance to sell my book on the open market, I can now move onwards on the projects I started but never actually finished. After every rejection, "Division" afforded me, I would drop everything to tinker around with my vampires and Von Struck. Consequently any other project was left stranded on the wayside as it were...

Hopefully this is all now history.

So, to close, many thanks to all who helped me along the way, Tee, Richard, George, Adam, Vanessa, Dixie, Bob, Andy, Joey, Gar. When I needed you all, you were there for me.

To ALL who voted for me, posted my link on their wall or told their friends about it, I thank you.

A massive thank you with extras to my patient wife, who left me to my devices and never complained when I spent countless hours of "Our Time" wrapped in my own world of disillusioned SS, Sumerian Gods and Right Wing Vampires.

And to my family who didn't bat an eyelid when I told them I was going to write a book; and instead boasted to their friends of all my minor achievements. I love you all, wife, family and friends.
I appreciate everything you have ALL done for me and I hope you know that.

However, this is not the end my friends, it's not even the interlude; this is only the beginning.
Reg :-D

6 Kommentare:

Ian callaghan hat gesagt…

Well done fella keep on going

Ian Callaghan

Sudam hat gesagt…

I need to learn German perhaps. Lol. Reggie, you've done it and i once again congratulate you dear. I'm honoured to find a friend like you who is frank.

It thrills, really thrills. I'm jealous mate. Lol.

The literary Trial has entered into a new and delicious phase.


R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

Cheers guys.
Cal, do you write a Blog or is it just the Facebook thing you do?
Sudam, thanks again mate, don't bother with German, stick with your English and one day you will crack it mate.

tee hat gesagt…

Hi Babes
It seems ages since I've been on here. In truth it probably is.
Bit of a busy woman but still make time for you.
Well like you said not the end but the beginning of life as a published author. YES! you can now make that claim to fame. The waiting for the first copy of your book in the hand is just a technicality. Well done you, and I'm glad I kicked you up the arse. Proud of you.
Tee x

Vanessa hat gesagt…

Sorry for not coming here to read you, been busy getting a job...

Congratulations Richard !!! As long as you're happy, I'm happy for you!


R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

I'm always happy V, it's just the degrees that vary ;-)
Thanks for the congrats and don't worry about not visiting, neither do the other 6.92 billion people in the world and they never say sorry, lol.