Montag, 28. Juni 2010

World Cup agony and a nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse.

The Death feast rocked!

No, really, I had a ball, spoilt only by the 3 day hangover I went through after it.

I’m too old for this now, I can’t do it like I used to anymore.


I’ve still not heard from the publishers I sent my covering letter to, but then again, it is only 3 weeks.

Patience is a virtue Reggie.

I was looking at another address to send the manuscript off to and came across a publishing outfit that require a short biography along with the usual bumf.

A biography?

What does one write in a biography, apart from the obvious tripe?

Well, apparently one divulges all the printing triumphs one has collected over the years and the writing courses one has attended and resulting diplomas achieved.

Unfortunately my portfolio on both accounts is both slim (as in non existent), dusty, (as in the sum of my triumphs are but dust) or already consigned to the cyber graveyard; so what was I supposed to write?

It was a puzzler and no mistake.

After much thought and pondering, I just binned the idea. I don’t know what would be more demoralising, the paucity of entries in my biography or the rejection letter thus resulting?

Now onto a more cheerier note.

My blogging buddy, fellow Struggling Author forum scribbler and literary confidant, Teresa Geering, (Tee) has made publication!


The Eye of Erasmus is now in print and available to buy at all good suppliers. Check out this trailer:

Well done Tee, I am SO glad for you. After all those years of trying you finally made it.

Good on yer.

Speaking of Struggling Authors, Richard from the web site has offered to spruce up my Blog with some extra pages and the like.

So, bearing in mind that I am an absolute duffer at computer stuff, I graciously took his very kind offer up.

So who knows, perhaps the next bog will be accompanied by extra pages?

Wouldn’t that just ROCK, dear reader?

Yes Reg, it would.

Have a good one.


PS. Doesn’t that just so “Not Rock” with England’s dismal effort at the World Cup?

I thought so too.

3 Kommentare:

tee hat gesagt…

Well I refuse to talk about the english NON effort, but still watching other matches.
Glad you like the vid. I'm a bit shy about that sort of thing as you will probably notice if you saw all the vids. Richard has been so helpful and guided me forward.
Like you there is only so much I can do on comps - they hate me!!
I will soon be "spaming" all my address book to buy a copy. (The fat cat, me feathered friends etc need food). Ryan Spiers on NP has mentioned a site that deals with your type of book (horror + short stories) May be worth taking a skwiz).

R Grayling hat gesagt…

So, when we going to do this bloggage then? Can we do it like 60 minute Makeover on the telly? I'll dring some fabric and you bring the cushions.


Vanessa hat gesagt…

The Eyes of Erasmus looks like a thin book from what I can see from here... how words those it have + or - ?

Congrats Tee, how can I buy it? :)