Mittwoch, 17. Februar 2010

The Witching Hour draws nigh...

It's five minutes to midnight and I'm shattered. I was on late shift earlier and now I'm plonking keys in front of a very tiresome computer.
Although originally I just wanted to shorten Division, I seem to have let myself be sucked into the story and cannot stop from tweaking bits here and modifying parts there.
Ah well, it's going well though and it's a surprisingly better read than my memory ever gave it credit for. Actually I'm quite chuffed with what I, (and George) did here.
It was your loss Snowbooks... (A case of sour grapes there Reggie? more like a freight train load actually)

Whatever, I'm thinking about taking a break from the manuscript and scribbling down another short story for an anthology of twisted fairy tales. The idea is to take a traditional story and bend it into a horror story. What story to do though?
Any ideas? In fact, don't bother because if it does reach print you'll just demand half of the royalties, (all 10 dollars of it) and I'll be angry and it could wreck our friendship.
So leave it, OK?
Right, I'm off. Have a good week.
Reg :-)

2 Kommentare:

The batty Tee hat gesagt…

Right then.
Would we let 10 dollars royalty spoil our friendship? Course not. about - Jack and the Beanstalk or Rumplestiltskin (or whatever the name was.) OR better still Sleeping Beauty, the prince wakes her up by kissing her neck. Cackle.Good bit of vampiring there to be had.

If it helps, I still tweak at my other two novels. A good writer cannot help it in my opinion.
Off for a meal and some red stuff shortly, so bye for now.

Vanessa Condez hat gesagt…

I've always loved the Beauty and the Beast :)

Go on, destroy everything I love about it then... I don't want any money because I would hate to be a part of that!