Montag, 16. März 2009

"Hello Johnny" is finished.
It's a bit experimental but I'm happy with it.
It's most definitely a step up in my capabilities and I feel it's taken me to a different plane of consciousness and thought progression, man... cosmic baby, cosmic. :-)
Seriously, I'm really happy with it, just hope it makes sense to other people.

Tee is busy with Frank Delaney right now so I might start on Gulag again.
There's already a storyline down and I've written about 7000 words. Not much but I haven't started it properly yet.
The thing is, I need a religious angle on it, if it's to fit in with part one… or do I?
Mmm, decisions decisions.

Whatever, did I mention that Liverpool rogered Man United all over Old Trafford the other day?
Oh I did , did I?

Good, eh?
Reg :-)

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Annie Wicking hat gesagt…

Hi Reg, I'm in the middle of rewriting my vampire novel too. Though, my main character is sort of a vampire type creature rather than your normal vamp type. It is hard trying to come up with something new as the vampire theme has been done to, I know a bad cliche.

Good luck with your writing


Annie Wicking hat gesagt…

Hi Reg, I've sent you an invite from a new Accent publisher's site I've signed up to, please don't worry I shall still be blogging at Every New Writers Journey. I hope I've explained everything in the invite.

Hope to see you there,

Best wishes


R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

Hi Anne,
I've written a couple of replies to you on your Blog but they always come back to me.
Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but they're accepted for processing and then a Google returned mail report comes back.
Do I have to sign in anywhere besides the Google blog thingamajig?
I hope this message is forwarded to you, I'll feel pretty stupid if it isn't, lol.

Annie Wicking hat gesagt…

Hi Reg, I know a couple of other bloggers have the same problem.

But your comment has come through to me, unless you have posted more than the ones I've seen.

Best wishes,

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hiya hun
I also did a note to A.W.and I got it returned. I understand that the 'pool beat man u then. Enjoy ... the gunners will be playing catch up soon.
I have been sorting out my search for a new lit agent. I decided to stay away from the American market and stick to the English.
Frank I have just begun for reasons stated above.
Me :-)

Anonym hat gesagt…

I'm using the Childrens Writers and Artists year book 2009. Also I am checking them on P&E as you suggested. Mostly I am starting at "A" again and working through the unsolicited MS ones.
This year I will be on the way to becoming a millionairess. Drinks will be on me :-):-):-)