Sonntag, 20. Januar 2008

Still there?
I'm actually a little ill at the moment.
Some virus is sweeping through Germany like a whirling dervish and I, not being one to miss on anything for free, went out and got me some.
The first couple of days were hell but I'm a bit better now. I've got to go back on nightshift on Thursday so I'm laying low for a while.

My new, all singing, all dancing, shoecleaning, tea making keyboard was packed away yesterday. It would start off well but gradually lose coherence until, after about ten minutes of typing, I'd end up with a screen that looked like the residue of a bowl of alphabet soup.
Most annoying, I can assure you.

Ah well, whatever, I'll just take it back tomorrow and cause a scene until I get my money back.
They can't deny an ill man his money back can they?

Yes Reg, they can; it's called the free market. Shopkeepers LIKE denying sick people their just dues.
Oh well....

Reg :-/

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