Freitag, 7. Dezember 2007

Just had a scan through the net about the agency I've sent my query letter to. Apparently they're very prompt at answering, (or so it say's in one of the myriad of sites I've bled my eyes over whilst trying to glean any snippet of information about the people I'm trusting my soul to...)

Now bearing in mind that they haven't contacted me yet, and that this other person's prompt answer was a rejection, then could it be that the Gods are favouring this loveable, ginger-mopped Welshman....?????

Dare I hope for anything other than dismissal?
Should I dice with the fates or is this strip poker with destiny holding the Aces??
Anyone understand that last line?

Well, whatever.

By the way, the end of Operation Vampyr was so transparent that it spoilt everything. It turned out to be a nice read with a glaringly obvious ending. A pity really but let's not dwell on it, eh?

I'm just glad that my sortie into the twilight world of the National Socialist Vampire ends with a twist that'd put a curlywurly to shame. In fact, I'm feeling quite superior now, (I'll just ignore the minor detail about Operation Vampyr being in print and that 'Division' most definitely is not.)

"The artist's best friend is not talent or style, it's the hope on a prayer in a cloak of denial"

All's well that ends well, eh?
Reg :-)

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