Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2007

Sunday afternoon.
I'm still poorly from Friday !!
Ah well, time for me to move on...
I'm going to write a few words about Dachau and Wewelsberg, (or Wewelsburg) for the website.
However, I don't feel too good right now so maybe I'll pass on it today.

I know it's not the mindset that built an Empire but I'm 40 years of age, fragile and poisoned so give me a break.
I'll get on it tomorrow, ok?

2 Kommentare:

Grayling hat gesagt…

Grayling here from struggling authors. Hope you're feeling better. I'll publish a piece I wrote about euphemisms on my blog - it is pertinent to your condition.

You were correct about the widower's location and his memories extending beyond his time with Alex.

I see you are a Sharpe fan. Me too - and everything else that Cornwell wrote. Also Pillars of the Earth - oddly outside of Follet's usual genre.

Ron Pavellas hat gesagt…

Sorry; I called you "J.J." instead of "R.R." I saw the "J"ones and interpolated, I guess. \Pav