Freitag, 26. Oktober 2007

the printing is on schedule. Well done Ads.
The Website logo/symbol/whatever is looking juicy and I've the whole weekend to sort out my biog/introduction thing.

Unfortunately, I'm off to a party tonight so I won't be up to much today. In fact I can just about write off tomorrow as well.
It'd be great to be able to say I'll excersize restraint; however, because I'm so starved of social contact I'll probably drink enough ale and spirits to slay a moose.
So tomorrow is dead moose day, (or snoring bear day as my kids call it.)

So Sunday it is then.
Hopefully I can send my biog, the picture and a few other bits and bobs off to Richy at Struggling to see if he can help with the website.

I stumbled onto Struggling Authors by chance, (actually a buddy told me about it).
I recommend it to anybody who's starting out in writng, at any level.

I'll wibble more about it another time.

Right, I'm off for a lie down.
I've been on the go since 0430 hrs. and if I don't have a power sleep now I'll be drooling and snoring on the table before eight!!!
Oh the trials of being a shiftworker...


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