Samstag, 20. Oktober 2007

Is it me or is it this damned synopsis?

I just can't seem to strike the right balance between what is neded and what's not needed.

Ah well, perhaps it'll mutate into something good on its own for me, (denial comes easy to the desperate.)

Hard day at work yesterday, finished around ten, (at night) and then I was on the phone with my brother for nigh on two hours. He's just become a father for the fourth time, (four girls !! The man is mad.).
So we jabbered about his new baby for about two minutes and then the Rugby World Cup and England's pathetic game in Moscow for the remaining one hour and fifty six minutes.
Then I decided to tackle the synopsis. With hindsight, this may have been a mistake.

Tonight, after work, I'm going to crack right on with it.
No ifs and no buts: the synopsis will be finished and that's final.

There, I've said it now.

I had another nice email today as well, reference the website.
This idea is really exciting and I'm in the happy situation to know some peeps to help with the technical and the design side.

That's all on the creativity front for today.
Good luck to England, (even though I'm Welsh)


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