Mittwoch, 7. November 2007

Well it's a one page synopsis now. But I literally had to search for a way to cut every sentence down to its bare minimum. From two and a third pages to one is a radical difference. It's like reading 'Jurassic Park' and not knowing about the genetic engineering...
Anyway, every second sentence was cut down, rephrased or cut out and it was harder than you think.
I'm still not happy with it but it's a one pager now so we're half way there.

I had another go at the query letter last night. I was happy with it up until yesterday evening, when I realised that I hadn't put the title of the book in until the last paragraph.
"So what?" you say?
Well, it's just not done, OK? Accept it and read on.
So... so I changed the first line, then the second and now I'm completely rewriting it.
There's so much to this attracting an agent malarkey that you civilians out there have no idea about.
There's still time because I'm still waiting for the manuscript to turn up in the post, (that's not meant critically, Ads.) so until it arrives I'll just carry on tinkering with them both.

Reg :-/

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