Freitag, 2. November 2007

I spent about two hours yesterday looking at who exactly I should send my manuscript to.
Not all agents deal in Horror/Adventure and a careful consideration of who is suitable is needed.
However, it goes further than just, "Do they like my work, will the girls like this, is it too big, is it too small?".
For example, does the agent that you think is suitable charge a reading fee? Do they charge upfront for their services or take a commission? How much is the commission in the first place? Ten to fifteen percent is the norm but because I'm based Sausage-side, (Germany) I'm looking at about 20%; which is fair I guess... bloody parasites, as bad as bloody lawyers.
Or what if he/she is really just a front for an editing service who expect you to pay their horrendous prices to edit and correct your work before they send it off; that's IF they send it off?
Who are they going to send it off to anyway, have they done this before? Has your chosen herald to the literary world any published clients on their books, and if so were they paid for getting published or did they pay to get published?

Then there's the copyright thing.
To the novice author, (like myself), there seems to be very little in the way of protection for your work. You really are relying on the agent's good manners and personal reputation. To me it seems like dipping your todger in a tank full of hungry sharks with only a sock and their sense of modesty for protection.

So... I took all these worries on board and found a rook of suitable names that deal in my corner of the market. I looked them all up in Predators and Editors, (a good site). Then I checked them out in Writer Beware and then I rechecked them again in Agent Research and Evaluation.
I was merciless.
I wanted honesty, I wanted success and I wanted a damn good deal!

And from the plague of hopeful contenders only one name made the grade.
One lousy agency filled all my criteria; I mean what is the world coming to, eh?

The next move was the forums. I had a look at what people said about my hero of the hour and, I'm glad to report, was pleasantly surprised. Thumbs up. :-)
So I think I may have my candidate for the first attempt at attracting an Agent.
Think of it as being a mating ritual, if you will.
God I hope it's a woman. I hate the idea of trying to attract a ... I can't even write it.

Ah well, have a nice day, I'm off to bed now.
Nights last night, again, but I'm off now.
Three whole days off work. Hurrah... ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzz

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