Donnerstag, 12. März 2009

Well, it's been three months to the day since I sent the MS off, and with every tick of the clock my expectations and doubts grow fatter.
However there's nothing I can do to change the situation so I'll just have to remain cool and aloof from all those alternating misgivings and hopes… somehow… must be cool, must be cool…
The problem is that cool is not an asset I can count on in my arsenal of behavioural qualities.
Damn, I wish I was, "The Fonz" sometimes…

I haven't written anything for a couple of days either, even though I've had a brain-ache of an idea for my "Hello Johnny" story… which I haven't mentioned to you yet but I was getting around to, honest.
Basically the story starts with a dude answering his phone only to hear an old woman say two words to him; "Hello Johnny" (hence the title, subtle, eh?).
This line follows him through the story, popping up in his email in-tray, his handy blah blah fishcakes, you get the idea. I was all fire and flame when I started it, whizzing down the first thousand words in a jiffy. However, I seemed to have slowed down in productivity these last couple of days.
So I'm going to give it a bash again today, see where it goes.

Tee had some bad luck with Frank Delaney. She lost all that she'd put down on a corrupted disk.
I lost the first six months of my book to a virus when I first started it. I couldn't even use the disk I'd stored it all on because the virus was apparently on that too.
"Stoopid computers" as Homer would say.
You love 'em, you hate 'em but you can't live without 'em, right kids?
Right Reg.


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Anonym hat gesagt…

The Fonz? Well haircut first matey.
I like the sound of "Hello Johnny".
Leave it for a couple of days and then return to it. Something will trigger an idea during your work day I feel and it will start flowing again.
This arvo I'm going to have another crack on FD.
I will use a new disc and also the hard drive to save it on.
I'm thinking about saving stuff on cd's during a practice run....if it works then maybe.... just maybe....