Samstag, 21. März 2009

At the moment I'm waiting for a reply from a magazine about their formatting requirements.
They specifically put down that under no circumstances should I put a space behind a full stop.
It looks weird, but they want it like that so that's how I've done it.
However, they then write to reiterate that they want no unnecessary spacing after punctuation marks, so does that mean after a comma or question mark too? Or after closing a bracket or inverted commas? Am I being dull here?
Anyway, I decided to ask and I now await eagerly their answer.

It sounds silly and to my untrained, amateurish eye it looks off, somehow.
However, they require that the script be in Courier, and so it doesn't look THAT odd after a while.

Anyway, Liverpool meets Chelski again! For the fifth year in a row we battle it out with Abramovitch's boys in blue in the Champion's League.
My German mates are gutted because Bayern have to face up to the mighty Barcelona, which in one foul swoop puts an end to Bayern's run of luck in regards to facing weaker opponents. A fact that I took great relish in conveying to my downhearted German buddies… he he he.

Anyway, gonna take a wall apart now and build it up again…why is my spare time plagued with such unnecessary Sisyphean-like jobs?

Well, life's like that I guess…

Reg :-)

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Anonym hat gesagt…

How weird ...We have to default
everyting to Tahoma at the workplace for unification.
What happened to good old Times New Roman then.Everyone knew where they were with that.
I don't understand this no spacing though it doesn't look right to me somehow. Maybe it's just one of their quirks.Oh well.