Dienstag, 24. März 2009

Well I received an answer for my query as to whether I leave a space after a full stop, comma or question mark; and boy do I feel stoopid.
They replied,
"There is always a space after a full stop, just not two, as some people use."

Aha… I see now, though I wonder who would want to put two spaces after a full stop?
Where's the sense in that?

Whatever, I'll rewrite it all, WITH a space after every punctuation mark, and just hope rejections-ville ain't the next stop.
What is a bit unsettling is the fact that I had already sent them a short story, with this strange punctuation spacing that I'd picked up on incorporated into it. However, they were gracious enough to reject me without mentioning my faux pas.
They probably thought, "What a divvy".
And they'd be right.

Tee is getting to grips with Frank Delaney now. We had a brief email flurry and then it was all quiet on the western front, so I take it she's going for gold on it.

It's my first practise with "The Band" tonight, which will be interesting because the chap who has my drums at the moment is in Hamburg all week.
At the moment I'm a drummer, sans drums… so I'm not expecting a very productive evening. However, it's better if I turn up to tell them personally what has happened, instead of just not going which would send the wrong message, thinks I.

And with that, I bid you all a fond fondue.
Reg :-)

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Anonym hat gesagt…

What ho me ole china.
On the spaces and full stop thing I'm sure I heard that the correct usage was: One full stop and then two spaces before the next word. I felt this was crazy and carried on as usual... Full stop; space; next word. Providing the text and punctuation is consistant I don't see the problem.
With regards to FD we've had a flurry of excitement as my son has got an interview for a job this week and he was updating his cv on my computer for another interview. (They have poor signal and no chance of broadband where they live in the coutry area)so I was unable to actually type anything. Got lots of thoughts/ideas/ and notes thought.
I also phoned and demanded to know why money had not been paid into my bank account today (Friday)only to discover that in fact it's only Thursday. Clearly a senior moment! I nearly went to the dentist also when in fact the appointment is tomorrow (Friday).
What a week. Can't wait for the w/end to grab some "my time" and the world and his wife can bog off.

Annie Wicking hat gesagt…

I hope you had a great weekend writing, Reg.

I got a bit done not as much as I had hoped, oh well there's always next weekend.