Freitag, 12. Dezember 2008

Thank the heavens!
There's me, worrying about my little story about vampires in the Third Reich not fitting in with the whole scheme of things and it was all for nothing.
They have a werewolf book. Maneater by Thomas Emson.
'Division' isn't alone in using traditional horror characters... whatever they might be.

Anyway, Ephialtes has met Xerxes and he's told 'em how to beat the vampire Spartans. Just need to move on with this because I've another short story on the brew.
Found a great site with lots of addresses to send my short stories to.

Well, I say 'my' short stories but nothing gets sent without Silver-bonce(George) getting a look in, chwarae teg, (fair play).
Still haven't heard from the peeps I sent my Ides of March story to. I'll write them a mail today methinks, see if they've even read it.
Can't harm, can it?
Tee, you are so write about the whole short story thing, it was just what I needed to kick my butt into gear.

Can anyone tell me why my spellcheck thing doesn't work on this site?
If ever I needed a spellcheck it's here because I normally just throw things down, (you might have noticed) and very often I don't bother to check properly.

Stoopid Blog...
Whatever, it's Christmas so sod it.
Right kids?
Sod off Reg.

Reg :-/

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Good grief man you're on a roll. I'm having trouble keeping up.
Right then: I didn't like the feel of at all. Got the feeling that work/ideas could be 'nicked'.

Spell checker: Got no answers to this. Mine is the same and I always re read it before I press the button or at least ensure i'm sober!!

I'm pleased the short stories work for you. I only ever wrote the one and haven't thought about them since.
We could always tuck up Frankie into a shorter version with a twist I guess.
I'm now playing the waiting game with my agent trawling for a publisher, so am looking to write a couple of others I made a start on and shelved. So it's all go go go. :-)