Montag, 28. Dezember 2015

Update... a little overdue.

So where do I begin?

Okay, I'll start with Christmas because, to be honest, nothing has really happened since my last post, (which seems unfeasible in this fast moving era of the internet, I know, but it's true).

Just before Chrimbo, Paul, (my partner in crimes against literature at Ravenous Roadkill) wrote to me to say he's sorted out the paperbacks for Sisterhood and Chronicles.

I won't lie, I was ecstatic! To write a book in itself is a labour of love, and to see it on Amazon being sold as an ebook is a real kick. However, the kudos lies in paper, and to hold my own work in my hands, in book form is like scoring with a millionaire nymphomanic photomodel, especially when you're as proud of your own mindless literary wibblings as I am.

Reality bit when I ordered my first copy. We'd set the font too small and consequently it was unreadable. A minor glitch, but one that twanged the heart strings as I planned to give a few away for Christmas, (being the absolute cheapskate that I am). There are actually still a few copies going around among my friends that need a neutron microscope to be read.

However, leaving our disappointment sitting in the dust we moved swiftly on, sorted that out and the book was good to go by the middle of December; and if I say so myself, it looks bloody good! The cover is the same as the ebook, (made by our good friend Poppet), but I twiddled some knobs, played with some photos and made the back cover and spine myself. We set the price for as low as Amazon would let us sell it for without us making a loss. On it's going for 4.99, which is a snip for a new book IMHO.

The Chronicles of Supernatural Warfare came hot on its heels. Paul had a few issues with the cover, (to say the least. It was sent back something like five times before it was accepted), but he fought through the cyber-redtape and made an excellent cover that we both liked. Formatting was an issue, as was the fact that the page numbers didn't show up and we forgot the index, but I think they've all been sorted out by now. If not... well, then not.

I know anthologies have a bad reputation when it comes to sales, but Chronicles is the product of an idea a friend of mine had years ago. Theresa Geering, or Tee to everyone, put the idea in my head about 2009, I even wrote a post on it a couple of years later, here: Short Stories post

It grew in importance and when Paul suggested we team up on it, I was sold. I'm glad we did as well, I really like the stories and to have them in print is something to cherish.
Again we set the price as low as possible without us making a loss and it's up there for 6.99 in Britain. If we could sell it for cheaper we would, but Amazon and the taxman take their tribute, which leaves us with mere pennies.

Anyway, if you're interested, here are the links to peruse at your leisure and convenience:
The Sisterhood of the Serpent

The Chronicles of Supernatural Warfare

I can't see Wild Wolf publishing Division and House in paperback, they're simply not selling, but one day it might happen again... one day...

And now to another issue. Reviews.
If anyone feels the need to write a review for Chronicles or Sisterhood, but feels a bit abashed at the seriously exorbitant price, drop me a line and I'll send you a Mobi version. However, please don't ask for a version and then forget it on your Kindle for the next five years. BTW, Mobi versions don't work with the Kindle App, but will work with Kindles.
If you don't like what I've written, fair enough, I ask only that you're nice :D
Drop me a line on my FB page, or message me with your email address. Don't feel obliged, just do it if it's convenient to you.

In January I said that there'd be no new novels out from me this year, but I lied. Sisterhood is out there, and now Chronicles. I have four books on Amazon and one short story, and I'm bloody proud of them all!

Next year I hope to release The Division of the Damned part two, (Gulag), and maybe my "War and Peace meet Jurassic Park" novel, who knows...? 
Hogs might get high, or whatever the saying is? ;)

Take it easy.

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