Montag, 3. September 2012

The Taylor Street Gang files...

Recently I approached a couple of authors from Taylor Street to see if they'd like to answer a couple of questions about themselves and their work.
First victim, I mean writer is Ron A. Sewell, author of  The Collectors.

Here's the blurb and then the answers.

The Collectors Book One.

Disgraced British soldier and disenchanted mercenary, Petros Kyriades, is one half of an elite pair of soldiers-for-hire known as 'The Collectors'. William ('Bear') Morris, ex-SAS sergeant, is the other half. Their motto is, “If it's there we will find it, and for the right price recover it.'

Accountant Bernie Cohen cannot recall the first ten years of his life. But with the assistance of a psychiatrist, he exposes an undesirable truth. An abandoned house close to Chernobyl holds the mystery of his past, and Bernie hires The Collectors to retrieve something that should have remained hidden.

The Collectors always play the game by their rules – that is until someone or something forces them to rewrite them.

1. Tell us about yourself.
I have been writing for many years and completed six novels, four published to date. “The Collectors Book One,” is my latest offering.

Born in Edinburgh, but after one month moved to London, England. At fourteen, I ran away from home. With my passport and a more or less empty rucksack I headed for the south of France. Here, I had a fabulous time and grew up, working as a deckhand on luxury yachts.

On my return to the UK, I joined the Royal Navy and remained in the service for 35 years. I enjoyed sailing yachts for the RN for a good few years.

I served as a marine engineer, trained as an engineering diver, a parachutist and worked with Air Sea Rescue. I eventually became a fully qualified Engineer and further certified as a Deck officer. The eventual command of a patrol boat was my highest achievement.

I’m married to my great wife Sheila and have four children. Live in sunny Cyprus

2. What genre do I specialize in?
 I predominately write action/adventure/thriller novels. I’ve attempted others but gave up my sex scenes are naff. I do enjoy writing short stories and have written over a hundred to date on all subjects.

3. What’s my inspiration? 
I have no idea I simply love writing. The creating of characters placing them in awkward situations and sometimes allowing them to live until the next page is enough for me.

4. My favourite authors are many and varied. 
To name a few – Jack Higgins, Tom Clancy –Robert Ludlum – Beverly Barton and many more. I assume these authors have pushed me in a certain direction

5. Tell us about Taylor Street.
My views on Taylor Street Publishing can only be good. They have given me and many others the opportunity to have my work out there for others to read and I hope enjoy. The team, Tim and Kathleen work dammed hard to help their writers.

6. My plans.
 Keep writing.

7. My two books on Amazon Kindle and in paperback are. The Collectors Book One – Book two soon to be released and You Can’t Hide Forever. They are easy to find type in Ron Sewell and the title.

So now you know peeps
Reggie.  :-)

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Melanie Dent hat gesagt…

Great Q7A Ron. I am looking forward to THe Collectors book 2 to see what happens to Bear and Petros.

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

Hiya Melanie, long time no speak/write... you know what I mean, lol.
Thanks for dropping by.

Mike Church hat gesagt…

"My sex scenes are naff" - loved that, Ron!

What an interesting life everybody apart from me appears to have had! Ran away at 14? When I was 14, I was still watching Scooby Doo!

Oh, help, now it's that blasted captcha thing. I can never make out the letters. If you read this, it means I got through. If you don't, I didn't...

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

You got through buddy, congratulations!