Sonntag, 9. August 2009

I have absolutely nothing to report, I'm afraid.
I haven't written anything due to all the social and work commitments that have laid siege to my free time since we returned from Spain.
This month I'm invited to a 30th birthday party, a 40th and I have friends coming from Britain and Paderborn with the sole purpose of drinking me under the table. Yesterday was spent introducing a couple of friends from Bavaria to the wonderful world of Guinness. A time consuming process that involved lots of money and hurried trips to the toilet.
All good fun though.
It doesn't stop there though, on top of all that are the usual labour obligations to my firm, family and friends that govern my life with an iron rod.
So, as one can see, writing has a hard time competing with everything else, especially when all it seems to produce are rejection slips and heartbreak, lol.

And while we're on the subject of dismissal…
Still nothing from the publishers.
Every day I check my mails like a lovesick teenager, hoping for that one mail, that golden message of acceptance into the ranks of the published writer's brigade.
Alas, it hasn't yet happened, but I'm optimistic…. All be it very furtively.

Anyway, that's it for now.
Reg ;-)

2 Kommentare:

poorly tee sob sob hat gesagt…

Hiya well no change then for either of us. I can't get motivated for writing at the moment. Well make that the last few months actually and my blog has suffered.
I have an excuse now it was thought I had pandemic flu but fortunately the result came back negative ... instead I had a kidney infection which shut down my whole system. Am now on the mend but feel constantly exhausted. I never was a very quick healer unfortunately and I am a very impatient patient!
So bum and a serving of your fishcakes.

tee hat gesagt…

What a whinging old sourpuss I am.... soz. Feeling a bit brighter today and have to see one of your vampires to ensure Im mending nicely.
AND guess what? its raining for a change. They call this summer? Well an English one I suppose.
Im off now for a cuppa and some toast.
Laters my friend.