Freitag, 14. März 2008

Woah !!
Friday already ???
Where did the week go?
Whatever, I haven't got that much to tell you actually.
Teresa sent me a very good rough for a synopsis.
It's an outline of the story and a marketing ploy all in one and it's also something I would never have come up with in a million years.
So a big ´diolch yn fawr` (thank you very much), for that. I'm most grateful.
You can find her Blog at

and that will take you to her website as well, if you so desire.

Ja... und weiter...?
Well that's about it. I spent the week working or being poorly, (self induced I'm afraid) and it's somehow rushed past me like a terrier chasing a rabbit.

They say that the older you get, the quicker time flies so I shouldn't be surprised really should I?

Reg :-)

Kommentare: hat gesagt…

What ho mutley
I decided to put my reply to my blog on SA G/Discussions. It seems to have gone dead all of a sudden.
AND yes weak willed I succumbed to the vino bottle. What can I say.
Tee hat gesagt…

Hey guess what Reggie me old blogster, my literary efforts/thoughts are now on www.slrbooks. Fame at last. Well maybe......... no fame it will be. Now if the right publishers assistant is reading your blog site.......wayhey we're both off and running....What were the lyrics of that song about being breathless....... hat gesagt…

The more I look at your picture the more I get this feeling I know you from weird is that hat gesagt…

I have no idea what made me say that.....just a feeling. It just popped in there. Got no red heads in my family at all. Dark/grey/coloured/balding (not me! brothers.
Swollen livers? I guess we can lay claim to that.
A penchant for the ridiculous? well they do call me Mad Tee.:-) hat gesagt…

Maybe I should add a "codicil" to that last comment.
The "coloured" refers to hair and not skin toning! Ha Ha hat gesagt…

It's me agen then. Yep party good it's RG no less. He admitted he read my blog recently. Larfs!!! on. It's the name of a greek princess who never became queen.
Ok so he's male he doesn't know its feminine though does he. Does he? Oh God do you think he will get a complex? Oh poor little beggar. As long as he's fed and got his milk I don't think he would care what I called him.:-)
Laters potata then