Mittwoch, 19. März 2008

Did I tell you about the synopsis?
Oh, I did.
Well, I've changed it, quite a bit actually, but kept to the original format sent to me by Teresa.
I think it works, but who am I, eh?
Now all I have to do is rewrite the covering letter to fit the new agency, reprint the new and improved first three chapters, synopsis and aferomentioned letter and, after finding some British stamps for the S.A.E., send it off.
Now that it's been proofed and printed I think my turnover in sending my MS's off will be far quicker.
Doesn't sound too confident that, does it?
"My turnover in sending my MS's off."
Ah well, reality never hurt anybody, unless your name's Britney Spears that is. (Bad joke, bad karma...)
Right I'm off.
Reg :-)

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Hey the glass is still half full you know. Unless you've finished it! I wouldn't have taken all that trouble with synopsis if I didn't think you weren't in with a chance.I can see the potential and Richard said he expects us to have a six book deal by the end of the year.
Once it's all sorted. It's only a matter of different address on the covering letters and away you go.
S.A.E. and return postage means you get the Ms back so just keep sending out the same bits. Easy Peasy lemon squeezy.
Your other cat isn't butthead is it? just thought of that.
Laters potatas.........

Anonym hat gesagt…

Carlos and Lilly..........good grief. Nearly as bad as Lotris - except I shorten it to Lossie or Merlin. (Merlin because...well it depends what you believe in... but he does lay on the back of my sofa when I do readings and healing).
I think your book will do good in the right hands as they say. I always wonder who the "they" is in those strange statements!