Donnerstag, 1. Dezember 2011

DOH !!

I've just sent a short story off to a website.

I spent ages on pumping it up to the required word count and formatting it to their expectations, (every publisher wants their submissions, "just so". You'd have thought they would have made a standard for this sort of thing by now, eh?)

Then came the covering letter. Because I wanted to casually slip in my idea about the Classical Horror anthology I'm on right now, (not an easy thing when you're trying to pitch for your short story AND sell them an idea for something that hasn't even beem written yet), I had to give it extra special attention, be extra clever with my wording and extra blah blah fishcakes, whatever, you get the idea..

Yeah, well I finished it and was pleased with the whole package. I mean REALLY pleased.

The covering letter read like a dream and after attaching the Word doc. for my short story, I pressed send and patted myself on the back. Job well done, thought I... ... Not.

After pressing send I noticed a Word doc still open. It was my short story, formatted to their requirements but NOT SAVED !!! DOH !!!
So basically they recieved the old format and it looked nothing like what they had demanded on their website.

I saved it, copied and pasted the covering letter onto a new email, attached the document and wrote above the writing for the official covering letter:
Dear mr. Blah blah,
  This is my second attempt at sending you my submission and it's due to
the fact that I forgot to "Save" the title, my name, word count and
email address in the original document.
How embarrassing is that?
So... apologies and onwards.

Do you think they'll mind? LOL.
Whatever, life goes on, eh?

Reggie ;-)

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Tee hat gesagt…

Oops I'm sure they had a bit of a laugh and moved on. If they like it that much they WILL re read it hon. x