Freitag, 4. September 2009

It's Friday and slowly but surely, I'm starting to feel the need to write again. I won't be doing anything this weekend, haven't the tie I'm afraid, but it's on the near horizon.
This waiting for an answer form the publisher is killing me. I'm checking my mails, on average, about five times a day. However, all good things to those who wait… Right?
(I sincerely hope that maxim is right).

You know what, I've whinged enough about this waiting lark. The next time I mention it will be when I hear something.

On a slightly cheerier note, my friend and one time literal partner, Tee, has assured me that she'll be plonking the keyboard on her blog before the end of the month.
Well, actually that was a slight nudge to the J.K.Rowling of Ashford to get something down on her page; I'm fed up of the same, "MAN UNITED A BIG FAT ZERO" entry.
Give me some news Tee, lol.

Anyway, have a great weekend.

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Paula RC hat gesagt…

Hate to tell you this, but one time I had to wait two years before I hear back from one publisher. If I was you I would send my work out to more than one at a time.

I hope you hear something soon.

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

Mmmmm, well now I'm definitely going to get on with it, lol.

Did you get a deal after all or was it just an extended rejection...?

The JKRowling of Ashford hat gesagt…

Ok I get the message. I just like looking at the headline Man U a big fat zero.
Will try and get my finger out next week. OK? ok.
We never did do anything more about poor old Frank did we?

R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

It sorta ran out of steam, didn't it?
Not enough vampires in it for me Tee, lol.

JKR of Ashford hat gesagt…

Well you cant have vampires in everything me ole bunch of grapes can you?
Oh by the way i've been blogging.
YEA honest.

R Grayling hat gesagt…

Hi Reg,

Whilst you wait....

How about scribing up a short article for the Struggling Authors website? You've submitted your MS a couple of times yet so you are more experienced than most already!

Some hints and tips maybe...?

Hope you hear something soon


R.R.Jones hat gesagt…

I'd like to do that Richard. Give me a bit of time and I'll get something down, ok?