Montag, 6. Oktober 2008

So I've completely rehashed the first part of the book, well the part that was written in the first person.
Now I'll just do the rest.
I'm glad I decided not to send it off to the Youwriteon thing. There's a lot of reasons to do it and a lot of reasons not to. However, my main cause for retracting my interest is simply because it didn't sit right with me.
I didn't feel good with the whole thing and that's very important in my eyes.
Anyway, knackered now I am so I'm gonna close down my computer and maybe watch some tv.
Reg :-)


Anonym hat gesagt…

And I bet the storyline feels better to you now. A horrendous task to re write but worth it in the end I feel.
Its raining again today :-(
A funny old time with the weather.

tee hat gesagt…

Well that was my reply to you earlier but forgot to add my name - oops.

tee hat gesagt…

Bloody hell - I can see why that would finish you off. My brother dug out a patio area and went down a metre or so and he couldn't leave it half done. He put his back out.
Glad you happier with the Div.of the D.
We have been "promised" back to back sunshine for about four days so I will probably be moaning about my body as the front garden needs tidying for the autumn/winter.