Montag, 21. Januar 2008

Bought a new keyboard today. Nothing swanky mind, just a 12.99€ board and a 5.99€ mouse.
That'll do for me.
Lidl took that old piece of plop straight back, no mucking about. Aldi give you fifty questions when you take something back to them but Lidl gave me my dosh without even warming up the cashier's bottom.
"That the receipt, right, here you go. All the best sir and next time let me offer you my wife for a dirty weekend in Brighton by way of an apology..." Bloody nice chap, I can tell you.
So it's good news there then.

Had a look at my synopsis as well today.
Not the one page, every syllable tested for content and weighed for space synopsis. I looked at the older, longer version.
I'm taking a new tack with it this time around. I've decided to use it to sell the story as well.
What the hell, eh? It can't damage the package that much can it?
Can it?
No, I don't think so either.
So instead of having two pages of lifeless mono-splurge I'll have a three page jaunt around the wild last days of the Third Reich, with vampires and Templars to boot, HURRAH !!!
Oh dear, time for medicine...

Reg :-)

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